Volunteer Experience

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I heard of Mock COP26 from one of the environmental agencies I was volunteering at earlier in the year
and I didn’t think twice before I immediately joined in. Majorly because I wanted to be part of such a big
plan that was youth-led and all-inclusive that aimed at helping secure a climate friendly world.
Without doubt the whole plan behind the Mock COP26 was highly ingenious given that COP26 had been
postponed, so the plan to create a mock of COP26 that aims at an even higher result against COP25 was
indeed crucial, and that equally played a part in spurring my motivation to volunteer with Mock COP26.
Also the numbers of volunteers that joined including myself was motivating on a personal point of view,
though, while joining the team of international environmental activists ordinarily anyone would seem lost
on what task to run and take part in but the warmth that the organisers showed made the issue quickly
Mock COP26 is entirely different from any virtual conference that I had ever attended on account of its
youth-led structure and the international coterie that it had. Of Course due to distance barrier the event
preparation had to be online and although working online comes with its hitches Mock COP26 organisers
had that in mind as they easily availed themselves and tried as much as possible to engage volunteers like
Being part of Mock COP26 has ticked off a bucket list of mine to take part in an international
environmental cause, also the friends and contacts I’ve made during the process is an added icing to my
cake, there is no doubt that I’m extremely grateful to be part of Mock COP26.