Conference declaration

The 18 policies voted for by the delegations of over 140 countries at Mock COP26.

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Across the second week of the Mock COP Conference, youth delegates discussed, edited, and curated these 18 policies, as well as submitting high-level statements on how the climate emergency and ecological crisis was impacting their nation. In virtually every case, delegates living on the front lines of climate change wanted actions, and not just words, from world leaders. This is our declaration.

Agreed by youth delegates at Mock COP26

01 DECEMBER 2020

Climate Education

Young people are growing up in a world which will be changed by the climate, but they aren’t being prepared to face its effects or taught to understand its solutions. Sustainability and climate change need to be taught across the curriculum, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed for the green jobs of the future.

Climate Justice

The impacts of climate change disproportionately affect different groups of people. We cannot fight this crisis without unity or representation, without the fair treatment of all people, and without freedom from discrimination. Justice for all must be centred in all plans tackling climate change

Climate Resilient Livelihoods

Everyone has the opportunity to contribute positively to climate solutions, and therefore every career must reflect this. Green jobs are a powerful tool in reaching net zero emissions, whilst benefiting people and the economy.

Physical and Mental Health

In the long term, climate change is the largest health threat to humanity. It is already impacting health in a variety of ways, including illness from increasingly frequent extreme weather events and the disruption of food systems, as well as increased diseases and mental health issues. We must implement measures that mitigate these concerns and safeguard those at risk of their negative impacts.

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

NDCs are at the heart of achieving targets on the climate crisis. However, they must be far more ambitious, and governments must set out clear plans on how they will achieve them within the timeline.

Protecting biodiversity

Biodiversity is key to the environment, and thus is vital to the lives of all people. It provides innate ecosystem benefits, but also renewable economic resources, medical and scientific benefits, and is priceless to those whose livelihoods depend on it. Protecting biodiversity, therefore, is crucial to holistically tackling climate change.

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At the Mock COP26 conference last year, over 330 delegates representing over 140 countries produced this Global Declaration.