Today’s the day!

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Well, today’s the day.

After weeks and months of zoom calls, google docs, countless panics and unforeseen hiccups as well as a LOT of messages and emails, today all our preparation has come together with Mock COP26’s Opening Ceremony.

From a project I became a part of with no more than 10 or so other people just 5 months ago, to where we are now, with delegates from over 150 countries, 200 volunteer organisers and 18 student staff kicking off a huge global event today, I think it’s safe to say we have come a long way.

And amid all the logistical preparations, I think it’s important to remember why we are doing this. We are doing Mock COP26 because we need climate action. And we need it now. We cannot afford for world leaders to keep procrastinating on climate action. Climate action is not like homework, one is a matter of life and death, the other is not.

The impacts of climate change are being felt now, the Phillipines suffered just last week from the worst typhoon on Earth in 2020. This is why we fight for climate action. This is why Mock COP is important.

Secondly, Mock COP26 is not dominated by big polluters as COP26 is. We believe that we need to amplify the people on the frontlines of climate change, which is why we will be aiming to, throughout Mock COP, uplift the voices of those from MAPA(Most Affected People and Areas) countries above those from the Global North. This is why Mock COP26 is special.

This is the first time anything like this has ever happened, and I am beyond grateful to everyone who has helped make this happen. I’ll be blogging again, on the 1st December, with some specific thank yous, and reflecting over the event, and what comes next.

But for now, I’d like to thank you. For sticking with us, supporting us, showing an interest in our work.

I do encourage you to tune in to Mock COP26 – livestreams and recordings will be available at, and the full programme is available at The Opening Ceremony recording is now available to watch on our YouTube channel

The next two weeks are going to be exciting. Bring it on