Teach The Teacher

Climate education and teacher training on the climate emergency is inadequate. We want this to change! Our future is at stake.

Teach the Teacher is an international, youth-led campaign bringing students into their schools to talk to their educators about climate change. The workshop explains what it is like to be a young person experiencing a climate emergency, what climate anxiety is, and how exploring climate action can help students turn their fear into power.

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70%* of teachers don’t feel adequately equipped to educate students on climate change – it’s time to ignite the climate conversation.

We see the impacts of the climate crisis every day, and now more than ever, it’s essential to educate students in a way that sparks hope within them. Teach the Teacher empowers students to speak to their teachers in a way which ensures open and holistic discussion about climate change, climate education, its intersectionalities and all of its adversaries.

We delivered Teach the Teacher to the permanent secretary of education, Children’s Commissioner for England and other education policy makers and influencers in the UK Government’s Gen Z COP26 classroom which was live-streamed to an audience of up to 10k. Watch the full session here.

*UK research by Teach the Future. Read more here.

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Students are provided with workshop slides and a suggested script. We have a one hour workshop format or 4 X mini-series format. Students do not need to be experts on climate change to get involved and you can tailor the workshop to talk about climate change where you live. We have additional supporting resources such as word glossaries and are working to translate materials.

You can also watch our full TTT session on YouTube that we delivered in the UK Government’s Gen Z COP26 classroom.

Find the resources below, including our digital toolkit which supports schools and organisations to share our project. Contact us for more support.


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