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We are an international, youth-led campaign that aims to bring students into their schools to talk to their educators about climate change, launching in the last week of September. This will include related issues students are worried about, like climate anxiety and climate justice. A recent survey in the UK found that 70% of teachers reported that they had not received training on any aspects of climate change. Teach the Teacher is a shared campaign run by successful climate groups; SOS-UK, Mock COP26, EARTHDAY.ORG and Education International, in over 15 countries. We hope to bring light to the lack of training in climate and environmental literacy that educators receive and the state of climate education in schools.

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Why are we doing this?

When UNESCO looked at the education policies of 78 countries across the globe, they found that climate was referenced in less than half of them (47%) and biodiversity in only 19% of them. In a recent survey in the UK, 70% of teachers reported that they had not received training on any aspects of climate change. We want this to change! Our future is at stake. We see the impacts of the climate crisis every day, and it's essential to educate students, now more than ever, in a way that ignites hope within them. Teach the teacher will allow students to give a presentation to their teachers that ensures open and holistic discussion about climate change, climate education, its intersectionalities and all of its adversaries. The campaign title may be slightly misleading - it is a two-way discussion rather than a lecture.

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At 1pm on Thursday 04 November Jodie (17) and Phoebe (19) are delivering Teach the Teacher to the Permanent Secretary of the Department for Education, and other invited key educationalists, at COP26! The event is being livestreamed on the Department for Education’s YouTube channel, so please tune in and support us if you can.

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Send us an email at hello@mockcop.org.
"Teach the teacher is a campaign with students across the globe, coming together as one, and showing education systems what they want to learn. Students want to know about their present and future. They want to see institutions care, because this is the world you're passing down to them after all. They want hope." Aishwarya, 16
"Every Friday, Greta Thunberg and thousands of others strike for climate. What do we do on Friday? We sit in a classroom, studying for our final exams, so we can benefit our future. But we are not benefitting our future if we are not learning about climate change, and we will have no future if governments continue to choose to ignore climate change" Jodie, 17
"Climate change is the single biggest issue that will affect us today and, in the future. As young people we need to be taught about the crisis at hand, the solutions and how we can make a difference. We deserve to learn about the issue that will define our future." Malaika, 18
"The latest IPCC report has once again reminded us that we are in a climate emergency and things will only get worse if we do not take ambitious action. Education is vital in addressing the climate crisis. Let's tap into the full potential of education in spreading awareness, making changes in our lifestyle, and demanding climate justice. Let's do it NOW!" Shreya, 23
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