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our politicians are failing to take action on the climate crisis at the speed and scale we need. We want this to change! Our future is at stake.

Teach the Politician* is an international, youth-led project putting young people in front of their political representatives, and engaging them on the climate crisis in the run-up to COP28. In the workshops, designed and delivered by young people, we explain what it is like to be a young person experiencing a climate emergency, what climate anxiety is, and why politicians should be taking climate action.

If you’re a politician or just interested in our work contact us by emailing hello@mockcop.org

*We use the term ‘politician’ but the session can be for any political representative.

young people don’t feel listened to by the people in power about the urgency of the climate crisis – it’s time to ignite the climate conversation.

We see the impacts of the climate crisis every day, and now more than ever. We are taking action on the climate crisis in a way that sparks hope. Teach the Politician empowers young people to speak to decision-makers in a way which ensures open and holistic discussion about climate change, climate education, and its intersectionalities. The sessions can be 30 minutes – 1 hour and delivered online or in-person.

Want to get involved?

Young people are provided with guidance to organise your session, workshop slides and a suggested script. You do not need to be experts on climate change or politics to get involved, and you can tailor the workshop to talk about climate change where you live so it is relevant for your audience. We have additional supporting resources such as word glossaries and are working to translate materials. Just sign up to get more information and the resources.

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