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The youth are rising. We want to show the world how it's done by demonstrating what would happen if young people ran the COP. But we can't do it without you. We really need your kindness and generosity to help us grow our organisation and to run a conference that no-one can ignore.

Fridays for Future activists sitting on the floor in protest at COP25
Blue background with green text reading: youth demonstrate what an AMBITIOUS yet REALISTIC COP26 should look like

Become a delegate

Will you be 25 or under on the 1st December? If so you can apply to be a delegate and represent your country at Mock COP26. As a delegate, your role will be to work as part of a small team, to represent your country at Mock COP26, and after the event, try to lobby politicians in your country to take our asks to COP26, so that young people really are heard in COP26. 

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Mock COP Logo
Youth activists demonstrating with banners and placards at the COP25 summit


We are now looking to fill the schedule for the event and are seeking proposals from individuals and organisation who would like to organise a fringe event at Mock COP26.

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