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The youth are rising. We want to show the world how it's done by demonstrating what would happen if young people ran the COP. But we can't do it without you. We really need your kindness and generosity to help us grow our organisation and to run a conference that no-one can ignore.

Fridays for Future activists sitting on the floor in protest at COP25
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Please take a look at our programme to find out more about what is happening and when. 

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COP26 is back on, but this time, young people are running the show 🌎

Follow @MockCOP26 to hear from over 350 student delegates on what an ambitious, yet realistic #COP26 should look like. Tune in from 19 November.

#MockCOP26 #ForTheYouthByTheYouth


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Global leaders may have cancelled #COP26 but the youth of the world are taking it back. Mock COP26 (19 November - 1 December) is an international, youth-led climate conference that will demand more action from world leaders on climate change, and show the world what would happen if young people were the decision makers.


This two week event will feature keynote speakers, workshops and panels, with a focus on amplifying voices from the Global South.


Head to www.mockcop.org to keep up with the event and find out how you can get involved.


#MockCOP26 #ForTheYouthByTheYouth #COP26

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