Find out about the event structure and timetable. The contents of this webpage are subject to change and we will be adding further detail soon.

Our Brochure

Our brochure gives details of the people involved in the conference and the timings for the event. This document is subject to change and we will be updating it soon.

Upcoming Fringe Events


Catalyse Change CIC, 29 November, 15:00 - 17:00 UTC

Our event  will collect and share stories and facts about the impacts of climate injustice on the public; whilst providing the space for participants to engage in craftivism to create a physical depiction of how they imagine a greener and fairer future. Designed and implemented by young women, it will model what inclusive participation looks like. 

Register here: (open to all)

Global Youth Climate Challenge (GYCC), 2 December, time TBC

Hosted by the Republic of Korea Presidential Committee of National Council on Climate and Air Quality, the GYCC aims to enlighten youth worldwide on the climate crisis and raise interest and awareness to provide science and technology-based solutions.

Register here: (open to all).

16th UN Climate Conference of Youth - Informational Session, 3 December, 17:00 UTC

Join us to learn how YOUth can and are shaping global climate policy! This event will share information on the programme, planning and ways to get involved in COY 16, the 16th UN Climate Conference of Youth. COY16 is the UN-endorsed youth precursor to the official COP26 summit in Glasgow, taking place immediately before the COP summit, where young people come together to learn, organise and prepare to take action and influence the discussions at the COP summit itself.In particular, this event will highlight the importance of youth participation at COY and COP summits, as well as other official UN climate negotiations, and will highlight opportunities to support the COY16 organising team.

Register here (open to all).

Climate Reality Project UK & European Branches, 5 December, 15:00 UTC

In this presentation, you will learn the extremely interesting in and outs of turtle behaviour and nesting activity at Ningaloo. Chloe spent six months as a volunteer with the Ningaloo Turtle Program, a conservation program dedicated to better understanding and conserving sea turtles along the Ningaloo Coast. You will also hear how the warmer world we live in, marine heat waves, plastic, marine debris and ocean health are affecting the welfare and population numbers of these beautiful species. While Ningaloo is one place in a remote part of Australia, we all share one ocean and one planet. This story is a wonderful example of this and why we must all act together to conserve and protect the planet's biodiversity. And of course, no turtle presentation is complete without some footage of hatchlings emerging from their nest.

Register here: (open to all).

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