Phase 2

Learn what is happening now that the Mock COP26 conference has concluded.

What's happening now...

Phase 2 is centred around getting the Mock COP26 treaty implemented, in part or whole, by as many national Governments or domestic states as possible over the year to COP26, and thereafter, with us supporting delegates and youth climate activists, to engage their elected representatives and run domestic campaigns on the treaty asks. This is already happening, with delegates having met senior officials and ministers in least three countries so far. We have recruited eight part-time student staff Campaign Coordinators, based across six continents, to lead on delivering the Phase 2 delivery plan, which was shaped by delegates and volunteers.
Blue background with green text reading: youth demonstrate what an AMBITIOUS yet REALISTIC COP26 should look like

Phase 2 Objectives

• 30 countries agree to implement one or more policy commitment from the Mock COP26
treaty before, or immediately after, COP26.

• Secure ambitious outcomes at COP26 by influencing delegations and getting a strong
youth presence in both the green (outer) and blue (inner) zones, including in
negotiation teams.

• Ensure COP26 delivers a strong commitment to climate education.

• Build an impressive list of individuals and organisations publicly supporting individual
policy asks from the Mock COP26 treaty.

• Create a network of climate activists actively collaborating on policy implementation
centred on the Mock COP26 treaty.

• Get Phase 2-related press coverage in at least 20 countries in 2021.

Phase 2 Concept Note

This is our concept note for the second stage of Mock COP26. It may be updated as progress or circumstances change.

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