Onto The Next Chapter

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Hello there, welcome back!

As the year 2020, ground to a halt, so did the activities here at Mock COP26 (MC26). Behold, after the restful and very much needed break, we are back with greater ambitions and renewed vigor to forge forward with our Phase 2.

This next chapter is all about driving the implementation of the MC26 Treaty within our respective countries and hopefully COP26 in Glasgow this year. To do this, we require a team that will get behind the wheel and steer us towards our ambitious goals. Without any further ado, allow me to introduce the Campaign Coordinators for this year. Let’s get up close and personal, shall we?

Cherop Soy (She/Her) from Kenya

Protecting Biodiversity is one of the MC26 themes that are close to my heart. As an ecowarrior, the rate of extinction is staggering and we ought to take action to protect the much that we are left with before it’s too late. Also, the Physical & Mental Health theme is an important one, especially in a time where the whole world is battling a health crisis. Young people have always been championing these two essential themes in a bid to safeguard the wellbeing of our planet.

As Campaign Coordinator, I would love to work with climate activists from all around the world to implement the MC26 treaty and ultimately have youth presence at COP26.”

Josh Tregale (He/Him) from UK.

Climate Education is a really important first step to ensure that populations understand how climate change affects people and what causes it. It also enables people to understand some of the solutions and work to implement them.

I would love for there to be sustained youth engagement by countries and leaders up to COP26 and that some of the Mock COP26 treaty is implemented.”

Kelo Uchendu (He/Him) from Nigeria

“My favorite themes are: Climate Justice and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

I really hope to deliver on our promise on securing an ambitious outcome for COP26 and also get as many countries as possible to implement our treaty ask. “

Laura Verónica (She/Her) from Colombia

Climate Justice and Climate Resilient Livelihoods are my two favorite themes of Mock COP26.

strong and truthful representation at COP, and the implementation of policies from Mock COP26 treaty by many countries all over the world are some of the things I want to achieve by the end of my term.”

Malaika Collette (She/Her) from Canada

“I am super excited to be a Campaign Coordinator for this next phase of Mock COP26. All these themes are crucial, however Climate Education stands out to me because I have experienced first-hand how powerful and important it is and I hope for it to be more widespread in curriculums.

In this role, I hope to be able to have more conversations with my government regarding the treaty as well as support the delegates in doing so.”

Mana Saza (She/Her) from Japan

“Out of the 6 Mock COP26 themes, Climate Education and NDCs are my top two favorite.

I would love implement youth in the decision-making of NDCs in at least 5 countries in Asia and rally for a stronger sustainability alliance in Asia!”

Shreya K.C (She/Her) from Nepal

Climate Education, Climate Justice, and NDCs relate to me the most.

Within my capacity, I would love to lobby for the Mock COP26 treaty, mainly these three themes to be adopted especially in the Global South.”

Vinzealhar (She/Her) from Papua New Guinea

“All the 6 themes speaks to me personally. However, I feel Climate Resilient Livelihoods is an important one for me because I come from an island nation. Education is more a privilege than it is right.

I know I will be working with an amazing team of young people and we will be able to speak to each other to achieve and exceed the goals that are expected from us.”

That’s a wrap from my end. Let’s come together, hit the ground running, and bring the MC26 treaty to life.

Bye for now.