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We want to make sure that youth voices are at the heart of COP26 with policymakers taking their concerns, proposals, and solutions into account when making decisions. Help us to amplify the need for climate justice through the creation of immersive video experiences to be exhibited at COP26.

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Environmental activist holds a Placard in Nairobi on September 20,2019 during the Climate strike protest calling for action on climate change.

Planet Earth has undergone various changes in its climate over the past millennia. It has been on an ever-evolving and complex journey to self-regulation for years. From the hot and wet period of the dinosaurs to the Ice Age’s long and cold period, and now, a warmer climate. But this isn’t new news! We have heard about climate change, read about it but do you know what it means to be at the extreme frontline of climate change?

Climate-resilient livelihoods were one of the six Mock COP26 conference themes and outcomes were captured in the MC26 declaration. The youth delegates urged their governments to formulate Green Recovery policies to enable their countries to adapt and mitigate the consequences of climate emergencies and ecological crises. To re-emphasize this and drive the point home, Mock COP26 students propose the My Climate Reality project.

The project will initially deliver 3-5 high-end immersive video experiences (approx 3 minutes each) showcasing the daily life of young adults (18-25) living at the frontline of climate change. This may include experiences from Brazil (drought and forest fires); The Philippines (tropical storms); Solomons (sea-level rise floods), Australia (drought and bushfires); UK (intense rainfall flooding). Each film will be unique but will follow a replicable format whereby the viewer is immersed in a day in the life of a young person who not only lives with the harshest reality of our changing climate but who is part of a movement of youth activists proposing a solution. By showcasing these scary yet preventable realities at COP26, we seek to let the truth be revealed and call for urgent climate action.

The Big Give – Green Match Fund:

For this VR Project to come alive, we are seeking to raise £10,000 through the Green Match Fund. This fund is by Big Give and is dedicated to charities whose core missions are geared towards addressing environmental issues.

As a participating charity, Mock COP26 (MC26) will be awarded a ring-fenced amount of match funding by The Big Give’s Champions, which will be used to match public donations. That is to say, if we raise £10,000, the champions will match £10,000 making a total of £20,000.

Hence, 1 donation = 2 x the impact.

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However, just like in any fight for our planet, we cannot do it alone!This Earth Day, we call on to you, yes you! Wherever you are, whoever you might be, celebrate with us and make a difference. At MC26 we believe in concerted efforts from each and every one of us. Here’s how you can make a difference this Earth Day:

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