My Climate Reality

Five VR films transport you to the front lines of the Climate Crisis to experience the effects, and the active resistance already underway, first hand. Meet activists Bea, Jonathan, Daniel, Rakesh, Txai and Daniela, and travel from Philippines to Uganda, India, Brazil and Columbia, all without leaving the Green Zone. Filmed on 360 cameras and presented in VR headsets, this zero carbon project was created by a global collaboration of activists and filmmakers to transport you right to the heart of the action.


Bea Dolores is a nature-loving artist and advocate living in an island country beside the vast Pacific Ocean, the Philippines. She served as one of the organizers of last year’s youth-led Mock COP26. Being trained in the architecture and urban design field, she advocates for planning with biodiversity and cultural identity at its very core, and is strongly against destructive infrastructure projects in her country. Apart from climate actions involving biodiversity regeneration over the years, she maintains a low-carbon footprint lifestyle, rescued abandoned animals, and is very passionate about bringing awareness in an interesting manner.


Jonathan is an activist, environmentalist and socialist. Software engineer by profession, and a student of Masters in Geographic information systems (GIS). Jonathan founded AYOWECCA UGANDA, a community youth-led organisation working on Environment and Social Development.


Dani is an Arhuaca indigenous youth leader from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.
At 27 years of age, she promotes the conservation of marine ecosystems to avoid the extinction of her culture and the imbalance of mother nature with other types of ecosystems.


Txai is an indigenous activist of the Paiter Suruí people of the Sete de Setembro Indigenous Land in Rondônia. Climate justice and justice for indigenous peoples is what moves her.


Rakesh Chalwadi is a waste picker from Pune. At the young age of 19, he has experienced the grave threat of climate change very closely. When faced with drought and famine, Rakesh’s grandparents migrated from their village in the 1970s and started collecting waste to survive in the city. Rakesh, who lives with his mother, is the first in his family to reach High School. Since the pandemic, he has been working near the landfill, picking up materials that can be recycled.

Rakesh is passionate about safeguarding the planet and believes that collective action by all stakeholders is the need of the hour. He wants to engage with a larger audience on the role of waste pickers as environmental activists. By doing so, he believes that the issue of climate change will get the attention it rightfully deserves. Rakesh continues to hold on to his dream of studying software engineering.