Who’s behind Mock COP26?

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Eighteen (18) youth from various continents all over the world teamed up to organize this ambitious feat of having a 2-week online global conference on climate change. Our Event Coordinators hail from Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, Costa Rica, India, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Solomon Islands and United Kingdom – ensuring representation and inclusivity among our fellow youth. The age ranges from fourteen to 25 years old! (14-25!)

As Event Coordinators, we manage our over 200 volunteers (including their wellbeing), coordinate internationally to make sure our event is global, prepare the programme and communications, and reach out to influencers, organizations and interested supporting parties! All of us work part-time here as we have school/ university, our own organizations, and personal matters (home, work). It’s been a busy several weeks for us, and we’re nearing the event proper so we’re pretty stoked! Our work is divided depending on region or continent for a better grip since it’s the avenue we’re more familiar with, although we are not limited to since we can coordinate internationally as well. This weekend, we just finished selecting national delegates from over 140 countries, so now we’re having them on board in preparation to the Nov. 19 event launch!

“We don’t want empty words, we want action.”

Our staff is composed of passionate youth driven upon the fact that immediate science-based climate action needs to be done in policy and decision makings of the movers of our society. We want to utilize this pandemic instead of moping about its setbacks so that we can amplify the voices of the underrepresented. Some of our team members even postponed their academics like their university degree in order to focus on Mock COP – our very own opportunity to share what the youth of the world has to say about the climate emergency through the very lens and hearts of the hundreds of delegates, volunteers, and the very team that we have right now. Some of us are teenage climate activists, researchers, medical frontliner, animal rescuers, founders and leaders of several organizations, artists, mentors, grassroots organizers, students in the field of environmental science, and survivors of extreme weather calamities. It is important to reiterate that we are entirely youth-led that partners and companies cannot take over any decision-makings within the organization of the event to respect the integrity of what Mock COP is all about.

“I want the solution to real problems that’s why I’m here.” 

 Groups / movements / organisations that Event Coordinators are part of:
•          Earth Uprising
•          Global children’s campaign
•          Friday for future digital
•          Marine Arctic peace sanctuary (MAPs)
•          One Up Action
•          XENTENSION Rebellion Kenyan
•          Polluters out
•          Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA)
•          Parvati Foundation
•          Polluters Out
•          Extinction Rebellion(XR)
•          FFF Digital
•          African Youth Development Commission
•          Atlas for Development
•          Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN)
•          Global Pan African Network
•          AIESEC
•          Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI)
•          Climate Reality Leadership Corps
•          Global Youth Biodiversity Network
•          Students Organising for Sustainability International ( SOS.Earth)
•          Climate Reality Project
•          Fridays for Future International
•          Polluters Out
•          Gray2Green Movement
•          Youth for Our Planet (Movement)
•          Réseau des Jeunes Sahéliens pour le Climat
•          (Sahelian Youth for Climate Network)
•          Climate Reality Project
•          Renacimiento Manila
•          Youth Strike 4 Climate Ph
•          Climate Science
•          Friday for Future India
•          UN MGCY
•          National center for science education
•          Polluters Out Brazil
•          Prêmio Stack
•          School Strike 4 Climate:
•          Climate Live International:
•          Fridays for future Australia
•          Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change
•          Peterborough Youth Empowerment
•          Climate Strike Canada
•          Ponle Corazón
•          Fridays for Future Costa Rica
•          North Bali Reef Conservation
•          Escazú Ahora
•          Mujeres amazónicas
•          Teach The Future
•          Fridays for Future Digital
•          UK Student Climate Network
•          UK Youth Parliament
•          Scottish Youth Climate Strike
•          COP26 Coalition
•          COY16