Fund Mock COP26 and drive global climate action

Fund Mock COP26 and drive global

climate action

In November 2020, the youth of the world will lead by example to show world leaders what ambitious yet realistic climate action looks like.

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We are putting pressure on world leaders and are raising ambition for the COP26 climate talks in 2021; we demand that our leaders match the scale of the solution to the scale of the problem. Through Mock COP26, our message is clear: we the youth are no longer waiting to be given permission to speak, but are taking the floor ourselves. 

What is COP?

The Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC is the annual global climate conference where countries of the world meet to discuss climate policy. With increasing temperatures, unpredictable weather extremes, and protestors regularly taking to the streets to protest government inaction, people all over the world were waiting with bated breath to see some concrete action from COP25 in 2019. The result? A stalemate, where the leaders failed to commit to pragmatic policies.

COP26, was due to be hosted in Glasgow, Scotland this November but has been postponed due to COVID-19. With COP26 deferred to next year, it's evident that, to our leaders, climate action isn't a priority, all the while the climate crisis continues its devastation. That's why young people from all over the world have adjourned to hold their own Mock COP26, to raise ambition and show the world how to behave in a crisis.  #ForTheYouthByTheYouth

What will Mock COP26 look like?

Our Mock COP will be run by young people and students involved in climate activism. We already have nearly 200 students from around 75 countries involved in the planning with more joining every day, many of whom have joined through Fridays For Future Groups.

Students behind the Teach the Future campaign were frustrated that climate education barely gets mentioned at COPs, despite playing a critical role in equipping future generations with the skills to limit the progression of climate breakdown, so climate education will be one of the 5 Mock COP themes:

  • Climate education
  • Climate justice
  • Climate resilient livelihoods
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Nationally Determined Contributions (the carbon commitments for each country or negotiating bloc).

During the event itself, youth delegates will represent their country and attend the two-week inclusive online event. There will be a special effort to ensure that students from the Global South, and marginalised voices, are represented and heard.

At Mock COP26 we will set the stage for leaders when they attend COP26 in November 2021. The conference will culminate in a global statement and vision by the youth of the world which would serve to raise ambition for COP26. Following Mock COP, our delegates will be supported by project staff to engage their own political delegates in the outcomes of Mock COP over the year to COP26.

See our website here and full concept note here (in multiple languages).

Outputs and outcomes of Mock COP26

  • 300 students from 75+ countries fully participating in the Mock COP
  • Press coverage in at least 50 countries
  • A high level global conference statement published from the youth of the world to political leaders , raising ambition for COP26
  • The youth voice and the role of climate education are better represented at COP26

Funding - how you can support us!

We have so far secured £58,000 (US $74k) from charitable trusts and foundations that believe what we are doing with Mock COP is important, but we are £26,000 (US $33k) short of our target (see our budget below). We are crowdfunding for £15,000 of this deficit, and will continue to seek the remaining £11,000 through trusts and foundations. Can you help us fund Mock COP and send a powerful message to global leaders that young people demand strong climate action?

Your support will allow us to continue to pay a real living wage to our youth event coordinators on every continent to progress the work of Mock COP (you can see our staff below). These roles are key to driving the event and they will be doing everything from designing the schedule to supporting delegates to handling press and putting together the global statement to send a clear and united message to global leaders. Event coordinators will be supported and mentored by adult staff from youth-led environmental organisations to develop their own skills and take ownership over this global event.

A collage of the Mock COP26 Event Coordinators

All funds will be held by Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK) who are the host organisation for Mock COP. SOS-UK is NUS-UK's new sustainability charity supporting students to take transformational action to halt the climate emergency and ecological crisis, and deliver climate justice.


The budget for Mock COP26

  • Equivalent of 7 x 0.8FTE student staff (2 x 0.8 FTE in UK, 1 x 0.8FTE on each continent) for four months: £38,830
  • 2 adult support staff, five months, full-time: £27,083
  • Overheads @10% of staffing costs: £8,916
  • Translation costs: £5,000
  • Software: £2,500
  • Design and website costs: £2,500

Total: £84,829


"In previous conferences such as COP25, marginalised communities have often been underrepresented, or had their voices drowned out by the more powerful countries. Mock COP26 will set the precedent for COP26 next November, by uplifting and amplifying voices from Most Affected People and Areas." Jodie, Event Coordinator at Mock COP, UK

"As young people, we are forced to believe that big decisions are only influenced by people in authoritative positions. And we usually shy away from voicing our concerns because of the fear of being nudged away. In order to bring about positive change, everyone's voice matters! Mock COP26 gives us - the youth, a stage to resonate our concerns. The event is built on the foundation of inclusivity and fairness with the aim of putting our voice out there in the midst of all the noise." Prithvesh, Youth Activist, India

"With the youth rallying around to fill the gap created by the postponement of COP26, I am now more confident in my conviction that the youth should be the drivers of true sustainability. It is our obligation to put the crisis in the public eye and insist that the world does not look away." Kelo, Event Coordinator at Mock COP, Nigeria.

Thank you for reading. Support our crowdfunder today to help us send a clear message to global leaders: the youth of the world demand ambitious climate action!

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