We reached our goal!

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We are beyond grateful to every person who donated to our Crowdfunder campaign! Thanks to you, we reached our £15,000 target days before our scheduled end date, making Mock COP 26 possible. We’re inspired to extend our efforts even after the conference ends. So, we are seeking additional support to widen our impact.

This will personally mean a lot to me. I come from a country in north Africa called Morocco. In 2016, my country held COP22 in Marrakesh. I was 15 years old at the time. Our school did many environmental actions that year, like planting trees and cleaning beaches. I took part in all of them, but I always felt that we should do something more significant and impactful. My older brother was one of Al Akhawayn University students that they asked to speak at COP22. I watched him talk about the environment that day with words I didn’t understand, but:

I was taken by the idea of making a change on a bigger scale.

And that idea has stuck with me ever since. Mock COP26 an opportunity to make that change. Despite the Moroccan government’s steps, sustainable development remains challenging due to:

  • outdated laws,
  • limited resources,
  • the gap between controlling and monitoring,
  • the lack of waste management,
  • and low energy efficiency.

There are many strategies we can follow in the upcoming years to overcome these issues. Morocco can develop its economy and improve its ecological situation simultaneously through ecotourism, which will bring foreign investments and create workplaces for the unemployed. And only through Mock COP 26 will my team and I be able to lobby these ideas to my country’s politicians. So please help us make this dream come true!

You can go to our Crowdfunder page by clicking this link:


Crowdfunder – Mock COP26


Thank you so much!




Maha Tirraf, 19, delegate