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Our world leaders are not ambitious enough when it comes to climate policy and tackling the greatest threat to face humanity. But young people have proved they are. Across the world, we have risen with global movements and powerful statements. Last year Mock COP26 showed the youth’s ambition when over 330 delegates from over 140 countries united. We produced a global declaration with 18 ambitious yet realistic policies covering 6 important themes; climate education, climate justice, climate-resilient livelihoods, physical and mental health, nationally determined contributions and biodiversity. By engaging with youth and implementing these ambitious policies, world leaders and young people across the globe can work together to build ambition and fight climate change.

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What we are doing

When the COP26 conference would have been running last year, over 330 youth delegates representing over 140 countries gathered online at Mock COP26. It was a powerful statement showing the ambition and dreams of young people worldwide fighting for a fair, equal and green world. The conference culminated with a global declaration to world leaders with 18 ambitious, yet realistic policies covering 6 important themes; climate education, climate justice, climate-resilient livelihoods, physical and mental health, nationally determined contributions and biodiversity. We are now mobilising a movement of young people globally to campaign for their leaders to show this ambition and implement parts of our treaty.

Phase 2

Having run the event, we now want to see the treaty turned into policy. Phase 2 is centred around getting the Mock COP26 treaty implemented, in part or whole, by as many national Governments or domestic states as possible over the year to COP26, and thereafter. We will be supporting delegates and youth climate activists, to engage their elected representatives and run domestic campaigns on the treaty asks.  We have eight part-time student staff Campaign Coordinators, based across six continents, leading the delivery of Phase 2.




  1. 30 countries, or states, agree to implement one or more policy commitments from the Mock COP26 treaty before, or immediately after, COP26.
  2. Secure ambitious outcomes at COP26 by progressively influencing delegations and getting a strong youth presence in both the green (outer) and blue (inner) zones, including in negotiation teams.
  3. Ensure COP26 delivers a strong commitment to climate education.
  4. Build an impressive list of individuals and organisations publicly supporting individual policy asks from the Mock COP26 treaty.
  5. Create a network of climate activists actively collaborating on policy implementation, centred on our Mock COP26 treaty.
  6. Get Phase 2-related press coverage in at least 20 countries in 2021.
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Phase 1:

The first phase of Mock COP26 was the global conference held in November and December 2020.

The Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the big annual global event where countries of the world come together to progress collective action on climate change. COP26 is the 26th meeting, due to be hosted in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2020 but delayed by a year due to COVID-19. COP21, held in Paris, was seen as a pivotal moment for the climate movement, resulting in the Paris Agreement - a huge milestone in stepping up international action for climate change - but many of the COPs, both before and since, have been criticised by young people as missed opportunities and unambitious. Many young people accuse industrialised countries, individuals with vested interests and corporate lobbyists of watering down COP commitments every year for domestic or personal gain. The youth strike movement is partly a response to these selfish interests and the lack of agreed global ambition and urgency.


Whilst the postponement is disappointing, it inadvertently provides an amazing opportunity to show the world what would happen if young people ran the COP, whilst also equipping and empowering youth around the world to engage their political leaders in COP26.


Our Mock COP will be run by young people and students involved in climate activism, supported by adults from youth-led organisations. Between three and five young people from countries all around the world will act as their country’s delegates and attend the two-week inclusive online event for 3 to 4 hours a day. There will be a special effort to ensure that students from the Global South, and marginalised voices, are represented and heard.


Each country’s delegation would make a two-minute high-level speech representing the views of young people from the countries they represent. We will look to reallocate time to amplify the voices of underrepresented people. A small number of leading and supportive climate scientists, ecosystem experts, economists, agronomists, health professionals, sustainable and circular businesses, global celebrities and world leaders will be invited to present so the conference is well-informed ahead of facilitated break-out and working groups. The focus will be on speakers from the Global South and marginalised groups. There will be regional caucuses to help counter time zone differences, and experts will be on hand to answer questions throughout the conference. Some of the content will be broadcast or recorded for dissemination, and there will be live discussions through #mockcop26.


The conference will culminate in a powerful but realistic statement and vision by the young people from around the world which would serve to raise ambition for COP26 in November 2021. The statement will be in two parts:


  1. What leaders should agree to at COP26
  2. What young people of the world should do in the absence of sufficient global ambition.


Following the Mock COP, our delegates will be supported by project staff to engage their own political and COP26 delegates in the outcomes of Mock COP over the year to November 2021.


The five suggested themes of the Mock COP are:


  1. Climate education
  2. Climate justice
  3. Climate resilient livelihoods
  4. Health and wellbeing
  5. Nationally Determined Contributions (the carbon commitments for each country or negotiating bloc).


All of the above will be shaped by the students on our Slack group.

Countdown to COP26

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