About us

Mock COP is an international, youth-led organisation aiming to amplify young people's voices at the highest levels of decision-making on the climate crisis.

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Across the world, we have risen with global movements and powerful statements. In 2020, the Mock COP26 conference showed young peoples’ ambition, with over 330 delegates from over 140 countries gathering virtually to produce a global youth declaration with 18 ambitious yet realistic policies.

We are now mobilising a global movement of young people, with empowerment and representation at its core, to campaign for, and work with, their leaders to implement these ambitious policies dedicated to meaningful climate action.
Each ‘phase’ of Mock COP has included a range of focused projects related to our policy asks to support young people to take positive action locally.

Our campaign is driven by volunteers and coordinated by a global youth staff team (paid the UK real living wage) who are supported by core staff at SOS-UK.

Meet the team

Lívia Pinaso

Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 20
Country: Brazil

Lívia Pinaso (Via) is an environmental and ecosocial activist who lives in Brazil. She is the co-founder and actual National Leader of Polluters Out Brazil, a youth research group that works with science dissemination in the environmental and energy area, especially working against the damages caused by the Fossil Fuel Industry in their country.


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Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 24
Country: Nepal

Shreya is a passionate climate justice activist from Nepal. Over the last five years, she has actively been involved in spreading awareness, advocating policies, and taking action for the climate. She participated as a delegate in phase 1 and supported the lobby works and Teach the Teacher project in phase 2. She is the Youth Climate Change Champion of UNICEF South Asia and co-contact point of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) working group of YOUNGO, the children and youth constituency of the UNFCCC.


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Pronouns: He/Him/His
Age: 22
Country: Bangladesh

Porag is a climate justice activist and youth advocate from Bangladesh. He has been working to ensure climate justice in his country since 2020. He has been working with a national youth organization named Lal Sabuj Society Bangladesh. He worked as a campaigner for Mock COP26 phase 2 in 2021.  Porag aims to provide a safer life to the victims of climate change in his country. He wants to work for the development of climate migrants across the globe. He especially focuses on the capacity building of the youth and children.

Jodie Bailey-Ho

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Pronouns: she/her
Age: 18
Country: UK

Jodie is an 18-year-old climate campaigner from England. Her lobbying for climate and sustainability education began in 2019, and since then she has co-founded the Teach the Teacher project and worked with the UK Department for Education at COP26. Jodie is passionate about amplifying youth voices, with her work focussing on mobilising and empowering young people to go out into the world with the skills to create meaningful change.

Mohab Sherif Mohamed Mohsen Gharib

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Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 17
Country: Egypt

Mohab is a youth climate advocate from Egypt.  Since 2019, he has campaigned for climate justice alongside youth-led groups both locally and globally. In 2020, he volunteered in the MOCKCOP team to transform climate education globally. In the lead-up to COP27, he is working with various networks as a Mock COP Campaign Coordinator to ensure implementations are being made. Mohab is passionate about amplifying youth meaningful engagements in decision-making processes and keen on bolstering young people’s skills to create impactful change.

Kelo Uchendu

Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 26
Country: Nigeria

Kelo Uchendu is a Nigerian youth advocate for sustainable development and climate action. He is the founder of Gray2Green Movement and  Campaign Coordinator of Mock COP. Over the past four years, his works have focused on strengthening youth engagement and intergenerational power dynamics in climate governance, with a keen focus on Climate Education, Action for Climate Empowerment(ACE), and Technology Transfer and Policy.