A virtual journey to tackle climate change through quality climate education

In categories:  Published by:  Ratna Singh

Despite the physical distance, our collective passion created a virtual space brimming with enthusiasm and a shared vision for a greener future.


As the Indian delegate at the Mock Education Ministers Summit (Mock EMS), I embarked on a virtual journey that transcended borders and brought together passionate individuals from around the globe. As education ministers representing our respective countries, we aimed to address environmental degradation and combat climate change through integrated and quality climate education.

Despite the virtual format, the summit proved to be a powerful platform for exchanging ideas and insights. Delegates shared their countries’ unique perspectives on the urgent need for environmental action and the importance of education in addressing this. From the challenges faced by small island nations to the innovative solutions implemented by technologically advanced countries, every contribution was a testament to our collective commitment to tackling the climate crisis.

Discussions revolved around crucial topics such as the role of awareness and education, renewable energy, local knowledge and indigenous practices, conservation efforts, and sustainable development. We explored the role of education in fostering environmental awareness and empowering future generations to become environmental stewards. The summit also highlighted the importance of international collaboration and knowledge sharing to tackle global environmental issues.

One of the most inspiring aspects of the summit was witnessing the commitment and dedication of delegates. Despite the physical distance, our collective passion created a virtual space brimming with enthusiasm and a shared vision for a greener future.

Mock EMS gave me that path to raise our voices collectively. All the delegates prepared the country statement explaining the unique impacts of climate change faced by the respective country, and the poor state of climate education and urged leaders to integrate climate change as a golden thread in every subject from all levels and to equip teachers and schools with necessary resources and training. The outcome of the two-day summit was a unified youth statement calling for leaders to prioritize climate and environmental education.

As a delegate of India, I will write a letter to my Prime Minister as well as the Education Minister to share how quality education can empower us to tackle the impact of climate change. Additionally, I will underscore various other advantages that India stands to gain from prioritizing quality climate education.

In conclusion, the Mock EMS Summit was an enlightening experience that showcased the power of virtual platforms in fostering global cooperation. It reinforced the notion that climate education is an important part of anyone’s life. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in such a transformative event and look forward to continuing the fight against climate change through my lobbying for quality climate education in India. 


Written by: Ratna Singh, Mock EMS delegate from India