Mock COP

Our world leaders are not ambitious enough when it comes to climate policy and tackling the greatest threat to face humanity. But young people have proved they are.

When the COP26 conference was meant to run in 2020, youth delegates from over 140 countries gathered at our own Mock Conference to show the ambition and dreams of young people fighting for a fair, equal, and green world.

We are now mobilising a global movement of young people, with empowerment and representation at its core, to campaign for their leaders to implement policies dedicated to meaningful climate action.

The Youth spoke, now let’s

Act Together

Uniting Climate Activists

Built on the idea of international collaboration between young people

Amplifying Young Voices

A powerful and representative platform for the youth of the world

Empowering Campaigners

Mentoring and supporting young people to create change

Our Work

Phase 4

2023 Projects

What we’re working on in the lead-up to, and during, COP28. We are organising and hosting a Mock Education Ministers Summit (EMS) and our country focal points are mobilising volunteers to take part in our […]

Phase 3

2022 Projects

What we’re working on in the lead-up to, and during, COP27. We are focussing on climate education, with the aim that governments worldwide will produce meaningful commitments towards this at the conference in November.

Phase 2

2021: At COP26

Our work during 2021, culminating at COP26. We lobbied governments to implement the Mock COP26 conference declaration and put on a number of events at COP in Glasgow – including Teach the Teacher, a summit […]

Phase 1

2020: Mock COP26

When COP26 was postponed due to Covid-19 in 2020, we held our own virtual youth conference to show world leaders what an ambitious yet realistic COP would look like. Over two weeks, over 300 young […]
  • Conference declaration

    The 18 policies voted for by the delegations of over 140 countries at Mock COP26.
    Read more  about Conference declaration
  • CONFERENCE Speakers

    Delegates heard from over 25 speakers – featuring prominent youth activists, professionals, and academics – on climate justice, climate-resilient livelihoods, nationally determined contributions (NDCs), climate-related health and wellbeing, and climate education.
    Read more  about CONFERENCE Speakers

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